Operator: errors

Handle error signal in the stream. By default, the error signal is blocked from propagating in the stream.


NS.errors(comment : string, inputs : map, outputs : map, errorHandler : function) : Node


Arguement Type Description
comment string optional, the comment of the errors handler node
inputs map optional, the input description
outputs map optional, the output description
errorHandler function the error handler function


Type Description
Node the errors node

The signature of error handler function

function errorHandler(signal : Signal, rethrow : function) : void

Pass a errorHandler function as parameter to handle the error signal. The error could be obtained from signal’s error field. By default, the signal is blocked by the error handler, you can keep propagating the error signal by rethrow it using rethrow method.

Create a sensor

const errorHandler = collar.errors((signal, rethrow) => {

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